Tips for Maintaining Pools in Virginia Beach

Owning new swimming pools in Virginia Beach is the goal of many successful home owners. With the hot and humid summers Virginia Beach receives, making sure to keep a clean and usable swimming pool is vital to maximize the use of your pool during the summer months. However, there are many subtle issues which people tend to forget in regards to keeping their pools clean, properly safe and maintaining a perfect pH balance to ensure health for any swimmer.

Here are a few simple tips for keeping your swimming pools in Virginia Beach clean and ready for use all summer long.

The first thing we recommend is to have the right equipment needed to keep your pool clean. This includes, but not limited to; proper brushes, extension poles, nets, vacuum cleaning system, chemical bucket attached to the pool’s filtration system. Testing materials such as pH strips, or testing kits are also a must to ensure you can keep a healthy pH and TA level which will reduce the formation of harmful micro-bacteria.

Once you’ve got the recommended products, using them when you should use them is the key to maintaining a clean pool. The following maintenance should be performed each week to maintain your pool.

  • Brush the pools entire surface area. This will allow you to direct dirt and debris to the pools filtration areas and allow the system to work efficiently. You’ll want to do this at least once per week. Start on one side of the pool and head towards your main filtration location. Brush the sides, the bottom and all tile areas as this is where dirt and debris usually collects.

  • Use your pool’s water vacuum system once a week along the entire surface of the pool; unfortunately, sweeping alone is not good enough to remove dirt and debris from the inside of your pool. You’ll want to use your vacuum system to pick up any residual dirt and debris the filtration system has not collected. Simply plug in your vacuum, ensure you don’t have any air trapped in the lines and go from one end to the other.

  • Make sure to remove your pools skimmer lids and the pump lid and clean them out weekly. The skimmer lids and the pump lids collect a lot of debris that you can’t physically see when it’s in the water; and you’ll be shocked to see what your pool is trapping in this first stage filtration system. The problem though, is if you don’t clear this filter, the filtration system will become clogged and not work efficiently. So, make sure you remove the skimmer and pump lids and remove all debris from this filtration system for proper maintenance to work.

  • Use a clean pool net to skim debris off the top of your pool. The first thing people who visit your pool will notice is debris floating on top. This is why using a clean pool net, (free of debris) to skim the surface of your pool is important for maintaining a clean pool.

  • Check the pressure of the filter to make sure there is no back-ups or anything clogging the system. If your pressure exceeds your manufactures recommendation, you’ll need to remove the system and clear any obstructions. A failure to do this will result in high dollar maintenance such as possible filter motor replacement.

  • Test your pH and TA levels weekly. This is the level of chlorine and acids in your pool water. This can be accomplished by using test strips or a test kit used by adding drops of liquid into a test beaker. Once you’ve tested, add the appropriate levels of chemicals to ensure a good balance. Always refer to the manufacture’s recommendation.

Sticking to these helpful hints on maintaining your pools in Virginia Beach will ensure to keep your pool clean and healthy for maximum enjoyment when you need it most.


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