Tips For Interior House Painting In Long Island Ny

You need house paining in Long Island NY to preserve and to beautify. There are many parts of the house that are subjected to wear and tear, pounding and assault from the elements outside the house and from the activities inside the house. Painting helps to preserve the wall, ceilings and trim material underneath while adding interest and color to your house. This article provides some tips for interior house painting in Long Island NY.

Tips For Painting Over Wall Paper While House Painting In Long Island NY

Painting over wall paper can look easy but if not done right the finished product will be anything but satisfactory. Follow these simple guidelines when you have to paint over wall paper.

Start with inspecting and preparing the area. If there are loose seams, make sure to glue it back firmly into the place. If there are areas that has missing paper, add drywall mud to the area, spread it on the area, let it dry completely and sand it until the surface is leveled with the surrounding area. If there are larger areas of missing wall paper then it is preferable to remove all of the wall paper. Once the area is prepared, it is ready for priming. Use a primer, tinted with the final paint color is always preferred. Priming the area ensures that there a base and adhesion for the paint. This gives a better look to the finished product and also makes the paint last longer. Let the primer dry completely for the next 24-48 hours and then apply the finish coat.

Tips For Removing Water Stains While House Painting In Long Island NY

If you have water stains on the interior walls and ceilings use the following tips to remove them. Clean the surface, sand it to remove and roughness. Use a stain blocker to spray on the surface. An oil based primer or stain blocker is preferred for water damaged area. There are lots of products available in the market. Spraying the primer is preferred as it will reach all areas evenly and eliminates the need for post clean-ups. Make sure that the area has adequate ventilation as the primer fumes can be strong. Wait for 15-30 minutes for the spray to dry up and then apply multiple coats of finished paint as needed.

Tips For Removing Scruff Marks While House Painting In Long Island NY

Scruff marks need to be covered rather than removed. Clean the area with a rag and cleaner. If cleaning helps to lighten up the mark, then you can touch up or add a coat of the finished paint. If the mark is deep and dark, use oil based primer or stain blocker to cover the area. Once it is dried in the next 15-30 minutes apply multiple coats of finished paints as necessary.

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