Tips for Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Gold is a popular jewellery choice among many thanks to its classic look and timeless elegance. Even gold doesn’t stay pretty forever though. Gold jewellery, just like any other type, requires a good cleaning once in a while to ensure it keeps its beauty. Jewellery made of gold can be cleaned easily, as long as these tips are followed.

Give the Jewellery a Soap Soak

Some gold jewellery pieces can be entirely soaked in soapy water. Dish soap is often the best option. It is a safe soap that will remove any dirt and grime from the surface. The water it is mixed with should only be warm, never hot. This method should also not be used if the jewellery, such as a ring or necklace, has stones. It can cause them to loosen. Instead, a simple soapy cloth and a light wipe will do.

Use an Old Toothbrush

If the jewellery has not been washed in some time, and it is a frequently worn piece, then it may require a proper scrubbing in order to remove any debris left on it. An old toothbrush is ideal for this method because it has soft bristles that will not scratch or wear at the piece. The scrubbing should be done as gently as possible.

Bring the Jewellery to a Shop

If the gold jewellery has been soaked or scrubbed and it still does not appear as bright and brilliant as it once did, it can be taken to a shop for further assistance. A shop will often have specific jewellery cleaners available that can remove further dirt from the surface and return the piece of jewellery to its former glory. They may also have a smaller brush that works better at cleaning each space within the piece to ensure it is cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Jewellery, especially gold, should be taken care of properly and cleaned on a regular basis. It not only keeps it looking nice, but it ensures it remains valuable. If the gold piece has been soaked in soap and scrubbed with an old toothbrush, yet still remains unclean, a jewellery shop will have the proper experience and supplies to return it to its previous state. Anyone currently in need of some gold jewellery that will later need a cleaning can visit to view pieces to add to their collection. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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