Timeless Diamond Stud Earrings

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Jewelry

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For those who love to wear earrings, there are many types from which to choose. Yet, while the fashion in earring jewelry changes, certain pieces remain constant. If you want earrings that really stand the test of time, choose diamond stud earrings. They are a timeless classic.

What Are Stud Earrings?

Stud earrings are a common type of earring. They consist of two major parts:

1. A small piece – the post that fits through a hole in the ear that is often fronted by a design or material e.g. daisy shapes, diamonds, pearls
2. A backing to hold the post in place

They can be worn by men or women. Prices can range from inexpensive ones composed from non-precious metals and adorned with plastic, glass or enamel to incredibly costly ones made from precious metals such as platinum or gold and adorned with precious stones. An example of this type is diamond stud earrings.

Types of Stud Backings

Even diamond stud earrings have backings. The types vary. Among the most popular are:

1. Butterfly Backs: Also known as butterflies or friction backs, this type of stud earrings features a metal backing that is formed in the shape of a butterfly. It has a central hole into which the wearer simply pushes the stud. These are the easiest of the types of backings to use and relatively inexpensive to replace if lost. This is a problem with butterfly studs. It can put into jeopardy those unique diamond stud earrings. If this is a concern, you might want to consider the other types of backings listed below

2. Push Backs Earrings: This backing also holds the post in place by you pushing it through a small hole. The major difference between this type of backing and butterflies is the shape. Again, while providing a comfortable fit, it can put your stud earrings at risk.

3. Screw Backs: Also known as screw on backs, this type of backing is, as the name suggests, screwed on. This makes sure that your pearl or diamond stud earrings are securely held in place.

4. Locking Backs: Instead of a screw-in, the backing consists of discs that resemble domes. They feature a central hole into which the stud is pushed. Small notches placed on either side of the backings, when pressure is applied, allow for the earrings to be released. This type of backing will hold your diamond stud earrings firmly in place without fear you will lose them.

Diamond Stud Earrings

If you plan on purchasing earrings for yourself or someone else, consider the classic look of stud earrings. They offer several advantages over other earrings. They rarely fall out of fashion. You can select from a number of backings to hold them in place. The styles are endless with everything you can desire from something funky to the timeless and unique look of diamond stud earrings.