Things to Know about Powder Coating Services

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Business

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Did you know paint is becoming more and more uncommon, these days? Instead, a special process known as powder coating is being used. In fact, powder coating services are becoming more popular because of the many uses for this process.

Paint or Powder Coat?

With many kinds of materials (especially metals) you have the option of painting or coating with a special process. At first glance, it would appear painting metal is the cheaper and easier choice. After all, paint is not very expensive. However, looks can be deceiving and painting is no longer the best option, so let’s take a look at both processes a little more closely.

Benefits of Painting

Painting has been around for many years and is a simple process. Here are some of the benefits you can receive.

* Just about anyone can paint

* Low cost

* Quick and easy

Disadvantages of Painting

* Surfaces must be primed – this can take a lot of hard work and increase the cost of production. Plus, some kinds of metal are difficult to paint.

* Durability – a painted surface can easily be scratched, and many coats may be required. In addition, you usually have to repaint after a few years.

* Painting is not suitable for environments which may be caustic or hostile.

Powder Coat

Today’s powder coating services employ high tech methods and materials to deliver high quality results in a limited amount of time. There are many benefits to this process:

* Extremely durable – the process produces a coating which cannot easily be scratched and is bonded well to the surface. There is often no need to re-paint, even years after the original application.
* UV light resistant – with a quality coating, your materials will be resistant to UV light, unlike many kinds of paints which easily fade over time.
* Good for the Environment – the powder coating process utilizes far fewer caustic chemicals than painting. This makes it an eco friendly choice for industry and consumers.

Is Powder Coating Expensive?

The process uses electricity to bond coating to materials. It may cost more than simple painting, but there is not usually the need for applying several coats (as with paint) and the low maintenance features make it an economical choice.

Choosing a Good Powder Coating Service

Not all powder coating services are the same, and it’s important to check out a company before you place an order. Choose a company with at least 20 years of experience and one set up to handle large amounts of business. They should be able to deliver your products within a few days time, and meet all the specifications you require.

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