Things happen in life that sometimes requires a professional

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Lawyer

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Whether it is because you need to write up a will or discuss a legal matter over a custody battle, sometimes things happen that we just can’t control and have to ask the advice of an expert in the field in which we need the advice. Attorney fees depend on the amount of visits that you have with an attorney and how much time those visits take. Make sure in your first consultation that you discuss the legal fees up front and maybe even negotiate the fees with the attorney the worst they can say is that their fee isn’t negotiable, it is always worth a try to reduce legal fees. Once you get set on a certain fee, then you should get it in writing so that there is no misunderstanding of the fees that are going to be charged. You may also want to ask if there will be any added fees for like outsources of resources needed for the case. Ask if there is something that you may be able to help with or at least make sure that when your attorney needs something you get it to them as soon as you can so that they don’t waste a lot of time trying to track it down.

Know that the contacts you make can be charged

To try and reduce legal fees there are many different little things that you could do. Try not to call, write or drop by your attorney office for no real reason anytime they come in contact with your case you could be charged for it. You should ask the lawyer to set a certain amount that you feel comfortable with and when you start to get near that cost amount have the lawyer let you know. You can keep files at home and make copies yourself that way the lawyer doesn’t have to charge you for copies they make.

You should understand the charge before you pay the bill

Always look at your invoices that you may get from the lawyer before you pay them. Looking for any possible error or duplications or even overcharges will ensure that you are being treated fairly. Attorneys are people too and make mistakes just like all of us do. If you see a way to reduce your legal fees then call the billing office and ask for explanations of your charges and corrections if necessary.

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