The Timeline for Sewer Pumping in Lewisville, TX

For homes that don’t have connections to municipal sewer lines, septic tank systems are going to be important for the disposal of solid and liquid waste produced by those living in the home. The fact is that septic systems are fairly normal, considering that home development has reached out to places that simply don’t have access to municipal sewer lines. However, having a septic system makes Sewer Pumping in Lewisville TX a priority.

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a septic system, it’s important to find out when the past owners of the home had the septic system pumped out. If you can’t find out when that was done, it’s best to have this done as soon as possible. Most septic tanks can hold anywhere from 3 to 5 years worth of solid and liquid waste. Unless you know when the septic system was pumped out, it’s best to start from scratch, and this means having your septic system pumped out, even if it isn’t required at the time.

The reasons for doing this aren’t just to get on a schedule that you can keep track of. It’s also practical in avoiding any expensive problems that could occur if you allow your septic system to become overtaxed. Not only can a full tank cause some rather unsanitary conditions in your home with septic waste backing up into your plumbing, it can also ruin your leaching field. This is where certain liquid waste, as well as certain gases, are expelled to help moderate the waste level within the septic tank. The repairs for this can be rather expensive if the whole system has to be replaced.

That’s why, for professional sewer pumping in Lewisville TX, you’ll need to contact a company that can handle septic tank pumping, and you’ll need to contact a company as quickly as possible. You may not be sure how full or how empty your septic system is, but you want to play it safe and avoid any potential problems. If you need to set up a time to have your septic system pumped out, or you have questions about your existing septic system, your best option is to contact us as soon as you can.