The Steps Involved In A Transmission Rebuild

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Automotive

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When a transmission fails but it is not beyond salvage your transmission specialist may recommend a transmission rebuild. This is a very common option with transmission shops as it allows them to remove your transmission, use the parts that are still in good condition and replace the ones that have failed to create a “new” working transmission for your vehicle.


There are two common options for a transmission rebuild. If it is done in-house the resulting part is called a rebuilt transmission. If you buy a transmission from a shop that is marked as remanufactured it has also gone through a transmission rebuild but instead of in a shop it was done at a factory. This provides a few added benefits in that it will be fully equipped with the latest in system specifications and parts which may not always be the case with the rebuilt transmission that may have OEM parts. However, both are very good options for vehicles and will have warranties to protect your investment.

The Process

When you bring your vehicle in for a transmission rebuild you should be aware this is a longer process that can take 3 to 5 days to complete. The technician will remove your current transmission and take it apart. Each part, as well as the valve body, will then be specially washed in a chemical solution to remove all the debris from all parts.

Each part, once cleaned, will be manually inspected for any signs of wear or damage. If it is in good condition it will be used in the transmission rebuild but if it is damaged it will be replaced with a new, rebuilt or used part. The seals and gaskets will be examined and replaced as are all the electrical components as needed.

A top transmission service company offering a transmission rebuild will also, just like the factory, check for any updates to the parts and upgrade if appropriate and available. This often allows you to get an enhanced version of your transmission when the rebuild is complete and the transmission is once again installed in your vehicle. The result is a top performing transmission that is perfectly fitted to your car or truck at a much lower price than you may have imagined.

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