The steakhouse, the American restaurant that can’t be duplicated

There are “steakhouses” all over the world but there is only one place where real steakhouses exist and that is in the USA. A steakhouse restaurant in Longview TX is better than any steak house you will ever find outside the country.

Steaks are steaks, not true. Meat may be meat but only a true steak house knows how to marinade it, spice it up and grill it to perfection. There is so much more to grilling the perfect steak than just tossing it on a fire. So just how do you grill the perfect steak?

Simple, you start with the best cut and a hot grill .. But there is more to it than that!

The secret behind grilling the best, the juiciest steak is a debate amongst backyard grillers that perhaps will never be answered. Some people swear that the meat should be seared at high temperature on both sides, others will swear that searing the meat has no affect whatsoever on the outcome. The truth is, the steak must be cooked fast and to pull it off the grill the moment it’s done, a steak left on the grill will dry out regardless of whether its cooked through or not.


A good steakhouse restaurant in Longview TX will recommend the following:

* Get the grill red hot, the ideal temperature is that which will get the cooking done in the shortest possible time without charring the outside of the meat. Steaks should be room temperature before they are slapped on the grill and the lid is closed. Well marbled meat may tend to flare up as the fats drips onto the charcoal so keep a sharp eye. Turn the steak only once, turn it when the sides turn grey and there are defined grill marks. Once the sides appear grey all the way through and both sides are well defined with grill marks, it’s done.

When is it really done?

This is more of an art than a science. Before the steak is put on the grill, and it is at room temperature, the chef will place a fork on top of the steak and “wiggle” it back and forth. Once the chef has a feel for the meat he will begin to cook it. As he does, he will subject the steak to the same “wiggle” test. When there is still motion the steak is rare, when there is motion but the steak feels stiff it is medium and when there is no motion the steak is well done.

There is one thing that a good chef knows, a steak can always be cooked a bit more, but never a bit less.

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