The Reason for Performance Coaching

Performance coaching may be a new term in the work place today, but it is definitely not a new concept. Employee motivation has long been a challenge for managers and supervisors alike. Workplace morale has taken a toll in today’s world with layoffs and cuts everywhere.

Performance has to be according to the plan and the company protocol, whether it is in the office or in the manufacturing department. Businesses have proven what types of motivations do not work so now it is down to exploring the basic reason for performance coaching in all departments of the workplace.

To Encourage the Improvement of Job Skills

The act of coaching is the teaching or training of an individual where he or she gets support while achieving a specific result. A scolding for doing something wrong may have an impact on the subject, but it probably will not achieve anything positive. You talk to any animal trainer and the method they use most often is positive reinforcement. If you scold away a bad performance or behavior, there is nothing to take its place so you’ve created a vacuum. Performance coaching gives instruction and encouragement for how it should be done rather than how it should not be done. That eliminates the vacuum factor. Performance coaching uses experiences as teaching tools to build a structure of knowledge. The focus has to be on building up the right way rather than tearing down what is wrong.

To Craft Methods of Problem Solving

Performance coaching is the process of crafting a method to problem solve. It is so easy for an employee or a staff member to go ask his manager how to solve a problem rather than exploring ways to do it himself or herself. Your job as a coach is to challenge the staff and employees to craft a method whereby they can learn to problem solve. Everyone problem solves in a different manner. In some ways, there is no “right way.” However, there are some points and some method suggestions you can give employees so they will start doing it themselves.

To Impart Learning

Performance coaching is also to impart learning. You are the manager so you are supposed to have skills, knowledge and abilities to do things your employees do not have. Your job as a coach is to impart your knowledge to each of them to teach and improve their skills.

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