The Perks of Period Cups for Women

Are you tired of spending money on tampons and pads month after month? Do you get tired of having to run to the bathroom several times during work or school just to make sure you don’t end up in an embarrassing situation? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to consider period cups for women. These safe and healthy alternatives to traditional period protection are great for women of all ages and you may be surprised at how comfortable they are to wear.

What They Are
Period cups are specially designed reusable cups that are inserted into the vagina and worn during a woman’s cycle. They can be worn for as long as 12 hours without needing emptied or changed and they’re a much healthier alternative to tampons that often contain synthetic fibers and even bleach. Made of high quality, medical grade silicon, you can wash them once your period is over to be used the following month.

Once You Learn…
Once you learn how to properly insert and remove period cups for women, you’ll never switch back to traditional period protection again! The companies who produce these products have gone the extra mile to provide detailed instructions on how to insert and remove your cup, ensuring that you have a comfortable experience with each and every use. Additionally, many cups are specially molded to include comfortable suction that will keep your cup in place no matter how much you move.

Save Money
It’s no secret that some tampons and pads are skyrocketing in terms of pricing, and are all of those added bells and whistles really necessary? From fancy colored wrappers to unwanted scents being added to tampons, it can all be a little bit much when you think about it. Do you really want to pay MORE for otherwise unnecessary features? Period cups for women will help you save money on your monthly expenses and they’ll last much longer than that overpriced box of tampons will! Companies like Sckoon Organics provide high quality period cups that can be worn cycle after cycle when properly cleaned and stored.

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