The Importance of Repairing and Replacing Dentures

People will often assume that when in an individual has their permanent teeth replaced with dentures that they no longer need to be conscience of their oral health. However, this thought could not be further from the truth. Dentures and partials all wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced or repaired. The average amount of time a pair of dentures will last is about 5 years. If the individual cleans and takes excellent care of their dentures, they can make them last a little longer. Other factors that contribute to how long dentures will last are a person’s diet, bite, how hard they chew, and the type of materials used to make their dentures.

Overtime dentures begin to see wear and the acrylic can begin to crack or become thin. As this occurs, the porcelain teeth can chip or fall out; the base can fracture, crack, and no longer fit the person’s gums properly. If this begins to happen and is not fixed it can cause many unwanted problems for the individual. Thankfully denture repairs Las Vegas and surrounding areas are affordable for those facing these types of issues. Many dentists in the Las Vegas, Nevada area are specialized in fitting new dentures or repairing a pair that has had some minor damage and is still salvageable. Sometimes dentures just need to be realigned or a new base.

If an individual does not replace worn dentures they can begin biting their lips or inside of their cheeks while chewing. This can lead to mouth sores that are painful and can lead to further infection. Not replacing dentures or dental implants can also cause an individual to experience bone loss. Once bone loss occurs, the individual can begin having a sunken appearance to their face, increased wrinkles, and begin to age much faster than normal.

Individuals with dentures or implants should still visit their dentist at least once a year for an exam and routine cleaning. It is also wise to have a back up pair of dentures made in case the pair worn on a regular basis becomes damaged. Most insurance companies will cover a new set of dentures every 5 years. For those who do not have any dental coverage, most denture repairs Las Vegas dentists will offer an affordable payment plan as an option for purchasing new dentures.

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