The Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

The trend in the UAE is towards reusing, reducing and recycling. This large campaign is being pushed to better the environment of the UAE, which at this point is a community that has not taken much effort to protect the environment they live in. While the focus is on paper, plastic and various other small recyclables every homeowner can recycle through various recycle drives and other efforts on the part of the municipality, there is a substantial focus on commercial businesses, such as restaurants and catering businesses, as well. The focus is on them in regard to grease trap cleaning and its proper disposal.

Types of Grease Traps

There are two types of grease traps commercial kitchens can install. The in-kitchen grease trap is a small trap that is easily cleaned and replaced by the kitchen employees. The small size of this trap requires the trap to be cleaned often. The more common type of trap is the ground grease trap. This is much larger in size, giving it the ability to hold a larger amount of grease. Because of its larger size, professionals who are trained in the proper methods must perform grease trap cleaning.

Proper Disposal

The main key to grease trap cleaning is the proper disposal of the grease. The main focus of the grease trap is to prevent fat, oil and grease from reaching the wastewater system. Having a grease trap in place is a positive first step because it reduces the amount of grease that reaches the surface and ground water, which helps to save the environment a little bit at a time. This reduces the number of people who are affected by the bacteria and viruses grease can cause. The second step is finding the proper method of disposal of the grease to keep it out of drains, causing further problems for the residents of the UAE.

The Damages

If your commercial restaurant does not practice proper grease trap cleaning, the grease will eventually back up in your pipes. Grease does not stay in liquid form for long; it eventually solidifies. This causes the sewage system to back up, sometimes enough to back up into the sinks and toilets of commercial restaurants. This is an obvious breach of sanitation laws, putting employees and customers at serious risk for major illnesses.

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