The Ideal Private Duty Home Care for Your Family

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Health Care

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Home care doesn’t need to be tough and stressful for the family, not with the right care aides there to help the family through it. At Capital City Nurses, that’s the work we do. We offer a range of home care services, one of which includes private duty home care. If your loved is recovering from a surgery and needs specialized nursing help and attention, we can help you with that. Our staff of licensed and certified nurses and aides has the professional training and skill needed to ensure your family receives quality care.

Choosing Private Duty Home Care

Post-surgery can be difficult. There’s the fact that your loved one may feel frustrated. Most want the recovery process to go faster. Caring for an elderly loved one, too, can be challenging. Sometimes, 24-hour assistance is necessary and with your jobs and responsibilities, you really can’t be there enough.

This can cause a lot of stress within the family. What you can do to ensure your family member receives the right care and assistance, especially if wound management is needed or medicine management is critical, is to arrange for some private duty home care.

Post-Surgery and Elderly Care

At Capital City Nurses, we can help you choose the best arrangements that would work for your loved one. Whether for post-surgery or elderly care, we have a team of nurses and aides to give you the service you need.

Our private duty home care includes mobility assistance, meaning if your loved one needs help to move around, transfer from the chair to the bed or the car, or simply walk around the garden for some light exercises (if possible), we help them by providing assistance that’s caring and personal. We value their comfort so you can be sure we take all the necessary precautions to ensure moving around is safe for them and not affecting their recovery in any negative way.

Meal preparation is also covered. Enjoy more time with your family while leaving the less important things to our staff. And with medicine management, our registered nurses will ensure your loved one will never miss a pill or treatment. Our nurses can talk to your mom or dad’s doctor regarding medication orders so you can cross out yet another task off your list. No need to worry that you won’t be able to swing by the pharmacy later to get your mom or dad’s latest batch of meds.

Looking for private duty home care? Whether you need post-surgery assistance or elderly care, Capital City Nurses offers care services ideal for your family’s needs. You can also connect with them Facebook.