The Benefits of Using IMB Management Software for Your Company

Intelligent Mail Barcode is a system that has been implemented to replace older technologies used for postal mailing. IMB was created for several reasons. Some of the more important include increasing efficiency and deliverability within the postal service. The USPS has added several services for tracking and ensuring delivery. Intelligent Mail Barcode combines all of these and represents a move to mail systems which are more automated. They carry very detailed information about mail recipients, the mailer, and allow businesses to track pieces more efficiently.

Efficient Mail Process
A major advantage to having Intelligent Mail Barcode is that information carried is contained within a 65 character code that includes several components. Some of these are Service Type Identifiers, Delivery Point Codes, Sequence Numbers and Mailer Identification. To take advantage of these services provided by the new code, it must first be created. IMB processing generates the digits to be encoded through postal software into a 65 character barcode. There are some technical specifications the post office requires to mail these automated pieces.

Increased Business Productivity
Businesses rely on mail communications to maintain contact with customers whether for marketing or invoicing purposes. Even with today’s email and other online technologies, there are companies that still send out large volumes of mail frequently. Intelligent Mail Barcode software represents several elements such as sequence number, routing code, mailer ID and barcode identifier. Using the software application is highly useful. Not only does it protect from potential mail fraud, it also offers companies greater credibility to their clients due to enhanced deliverability.

Management Software
To implement the Intelligent Mail Barcode system, an enterprise must first invest in the right IMB management application software. The choices can be a little overwhelming; therefore it’s important to make a selection carefully. There are several things to consider when determining the best program to purchase. The software should have the capability of automatically creating the three primary identifiers successfully, and they should all be unique. Additionally, the application must be able to track the amount of days each code is used as every serial number has expiration.

Cost Savings
Another large advantage is that clients have access to the best automated postage rates available through the use of Intelligent Mail Barcode applications. A full-service provider can offer customers maximum postage savings on first-class pieces and other mailings. This discount allows mailers to assist companies in cutting expenses, improving overall efficiency, and offering delivery rates that are much higher and sustainable.

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