The Beauty of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can provide shade for residential homes and commercial buildings. They can be mounted to the roof or wall of a home and are designed to be manual or motorized (electrical). Awnings are great for protecting people and possessions, all while sitting outdoors. Awnings roll up into a cassette which protects it from inclement weather. Canvas types use spring tension to retract and aluminum types are pushed by arms on the sides of a window. Awning fabrics are purposefully made to match your décor and are also designed to be weather resistant, but care should still be taken to keep them clean and rolled up when not in use. Homeowners and businesses can get customized manual or motorized retractable awnings specifically made for their space in a variety of fabrics and materials. Those who enjoy the prospect of having a motorized awning will also enjoy the technology of installing retractable interior mounted roller shades for both residential homes and commercial windows.

Arms, Manual or Motorized Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are designed with two types of arms: articulated and telescopic. Articulated arms open by stages via spring-loaded first arms, then the others unfurl; this type of awning is the most popular. The telescopic arms have gas filled cylinders, but are mainly used on small patio constructions. There are two types of retractable patio awnings: manual and motorized/electrical. Manual retractables have a simple, removable handle or crank which rolls up the awning. Motorized retractables use a motor to completely roll up the awning with just the push of a button. Innovation has come to retractable motorized awnings in the form of a built-in weather detector sensor, which tells the shading system to automatically roll up when the weather becomes unfavorable.

Retractable Awnings Are Energy Efficient

Modern retractable awnings can be customized to fit any size home or business. They are also energy efficient, as they protect doors and windows from excessive ultraviolet sun rays. With less sunlight entering a building the indoor temperature is decreased, which means less electricity for air conditioning is required, thus saving home and business owners expensive bills. Additionally, awnings protect outdoor patios and porch furniture from varying weather damage which can result in cracks and fading. Retractable awnings are more popular than fixed awnings which can be greatly damaged by powerful winds and heavy rains.

Awnings are an inviting innovation for visitors of both your home and your business, because there is nothing better than enjoying the warmth of the outdoor sun without getting sunburn. When you use an Eclipse Shading Systems awning environment, you get the best in retractable deck and patio awnings, retractable window awnings, exterior retractable solar and insect awning screens, professional installation, and more. They’re a reputable company which proudly bears the prestigious Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation on all of their U.S. manufactured awning systems.

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