The Basics of Car Audio in Murrysville

In-car entertainment has come a long way since the 30′s, when the first commercially successful car radio was introduced. 80-plus years later, Car Audio in Murrysville has evolved from simply an AM radio receiver with a simple speaker to complex audio systems that reproduce music and other forms of entertainment from over the air signals as well as recorded formats. Most systems today will play sounds from a huge array of sources including CD, radio and portable music players like hard-disk drives, Bluetooth audio, SD cards, USB flash drives and iPod.

The overwhelming number of audio choices can make one’s head spin. Listed below are the basics of modern multifaceted infotainment systems. An understanding of the audio options available can be particularly helpful when considering customized car audio installation by The StereoShop.

Head Unit

This contains the tuner, CD player and or cassette deck and is vital for sending signals to the rest of your car’s audio system. Some head units come complete with amplifiers built in. If on a tight budget, it is best to first invest in good quality speakers first, as they can make the head unit sound good. You can later upgrade it. However, ensure that the head unit you purchase contains pre-amp outputs, as you will need them later to add amplifiers at a later stage.


They take an amplified electrical signal converting it into mechanical energy moving through a speaker cone to create sound. Most basic car speakers are built to provide a full range of frequencies. However, while trying to do so, bass is almost nonexistent and the higher frequencies become dull. Through an assortment of small speakers for reproducing the smaller range sound and woofers (and sub woofers), one can achieve a system that will play the entire frequency range.


The amplifier is used to boost the signal power, offering cleaner, clearer sound and more volume. Installing an amplifier requires upgrading of your vehicle’s electrical system through an upgraded alternator, battery, and capacitors. An expert at The StereoShop can accomplish this easily and really turn on your system.

Considering that car audio was shoehorned into vehicles in 1930s, today’s audio systems require an expert hand to carry out effective installations. The StereoShop INC. can help you install the best Car Audio in Murrysville now that you understand the basics.