Terrazzo Flooring: The Basics, Benefits and Beauty of Terrazzo

Ancient Terrazzo Flooring

When you want your flooring to look like an artistic work of art similar to the beautifully detailed Italian mosaics of long ago, then Terrazzo flooring is your perfect fit. Terrazzo flooring material was once made by incorporating marble chips onto the surface of concrete, then polishing it until it became smooth. Today, homeowners, commercial and industrial businesses can buy it in a finished tile form. If your flooring has to stand up to lots of foot traffic and other busy activities, Terrazzo is the flooring which proudly boasts longevity, durability and beauty.

How to Use Terrazzo

Ancient Terrazzo flooring was invented in the early 1500’s by the Venetians. It was originally a cement based product which was made by embedding small pieces of marble or granite into a mortar mixture, followed by a high polishing technique. The new Terrazzo flooring is manufactured with multiple patterns and designs, because the epoxy resin system can easily be pigmented to produce a wide spectrum of colors. Terrazzo flooring is available in unlimited color ranges, from white to customized coloring. It can be combined in a wide variety of richly colored aggregates, including bits of marble or granite, epoxy recycled glass, mother of pearl, rustic styles, precise-cut water jet technology, and various synthetic materials. With the creative use of divider strips to separate areas of contrasting colors or design, artisans can easily incorporate borders, logos, amazing geometrical designs, and many other artistic and harmonious elements.

Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a non-porous flooring system which is impervious to harmful microbial growth. It also absorbs water at an absorption rate of one-tenth, meaning it has a high resistance to stains. Terrazzo also has one of the fastest pour to grind installation times. The evidence of Terrazzo durability is shown in ancient buildings in Europe and the Middle East, which are still standing today. These floors are easy to keep clean and there are no grout joints for dirt to accumulate in. Innovative technology gives Terrazzo floors a luster and sheen which doesn’t require chemical coatings or sealers, and as such, Terrazzo flooring is very environmentally safe and friendly.

In summary, using Terrazzo flooring includes the following benefits just to name a few:

• Long lasting durability, these floors have been proven able to outlast the buildings which encompass them.
• Strength to hold up under foot traffic, furniture, as well as every day wear and tear.
• Easy maintenance and cleaning, also capable of being refurbished or repaired.
• Does not need replacing like other types of flooring or carpeting.
• Permanently sanitized against fungus and other microbial contaminants.
• Recyclable and will not wind up stuffing landfills.
• Limitless in appearance, design, and can be customized to match any and all décor.
• It’s a cost-effective lifetime investment.

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