Surface Systems Products and Uses

These are systems that help raise performance and ease drilling processes. They are time saving and efficient equipment that work well with most professional drillers.

Surface systems products

*  PC software suite
Yard cable replacement systems (YCR)
*  Bench –tree receiver (BTR-W)
*  Bench tree wireless receiver (BTR-CW)
*  Bench tree receiver / display (BTR-D)
*  Cables
*  Remote display

Discussed below are some of the characteristics and functions of the surface systems.

Bench tree receiver (BTR- Cw)

*  It has a reliable mud- pulse detection technology that enables drillers to monitor flow rates and circulation in the down holes.
*  It has a case enclosure that is in fit form and good for storage to minimize the risk of destruction.
*  It is easy to use because it has a panel layout that is simple to follow through
*  Has being designed by high quality hardware dimensions and excellent electrical installation that enables it to produce good results.
*  It is compatible with the drilling software suite

Bench tree receiver (BTR-W)

*  The receiver has an in-built internet connectivity
*  Remote monitoring- It helps enable data monitoring and receive configuration from remote locations within the web browser.
*  It has a reliable mud -pulse detection technology.

Remote display (RD-G)

*   The remote display has adjustable LED brightness that comes in handy in various situations during the drilling processes.
*   It has a compact with large data display LCD’s that enable easy monitoring and viewing of the down holes.
*   It has an easy to read indicator-giving indications on magnetic wavelengths and gravity feet.
*   Easy viewing – Even when there is direct sunlight or dim lighting it is possible to see the drilling procedure and levels.

Bench tree receiver/Display (BTR-D)

* This product has an outstanding advantage in that it can withstand harsh climatic conditions meaning that your work will not stall when the temperature change or when the rains start falling
*  It has a full time access to internet
*  Has a reliable and easy to read touch screen display
*  It has an in-built decoding hardware and MWD software
*  It has various mounting and antenna options

PC software suite

 *  The software offers an good presentation of received data
 *  It also has a complete configuration control over drilling tool and receiver
 *  The software is inbuilt with data sensor software and it is compatible with windows vista, XP and 2000

Yard cable replacement system (YCR)

This is a long-range radio system that connects the rig floor to the surface area without the need of using cables.

*  It has a range of 400m length
*  It’s a weather proof system meaning it can withstand varying conditions
*  It has an internal antenna system

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