Stone Refinishing in Newark, NJ: How to Refinish Terrazzo Flooring

Old terrazzo floors have a special beauty which is hard to find in the times of natural stone. Fortunately, terrazzo stone refinishing can transform old, worn terrazzo floors back to the old world charm and quality they had when the floor was originally installed. Terrazzo is known for its durability and ease of maintenance, but they are typically used in areas which have heavy traffic such as businesses, showrooms and residential kitchens. The following tips will guide you through refinishing your stone floors:

What’s The Damage?

Before you decide to attempt natural stone refinishing in Newark, NJ it is important to carefully inspect the floor to make sure there are no loose or seriously damaged tiles. If you discovered the terrazzo floor while ripping out another layer of flooring such as vinyl or tile, it is essential that you don’t use excess force when removing the remainder of the vinyl or ceramic tile, as this can damage the terrazzo. If there are chips or scratches on the terrazzo they can typically be removed with a coarse polishing pad. However, if the tiles have extensive cracks then you will need to replace them before continuing the refinishing.

Preparing to Refinish Stone Floors

When doing stone refinishing… expect to create a mess. When you are grinding and polishing the stone there will be a lot of dust, so you should remove all furniture and cover the walls with sheets of plastic. If there are stains on the stone, search through available products for an appropriate stain remover designed for use on terrazzo. Use the recommended cleaner and a coarse polishing pad to remove the stains. Repair holes and deep cracks with the appropriate filler and give it the appropriate amount of time to allow for a complete drying. Fine surface cracks can typically be buffed out when you use coarse polishing pads.

Bringing Back the Shine

Once you have smoothed out the floor use a lightly damp mop to remove excess dust and debris. Use a polishing cream designed for terrazzo and a fine grit polishing pad to polish the floor to the desired shine. Once you have completed the stone floor refinishing, with regular cleaning and polishing the floor will retain its shine and look as good as the day it was installed for many years to come.

Taking proper care of your terrazzo floor is easy when you use the appropriate products. Visit the experts at MB Stone Care Pro, based in Newark, NJ, to learn more about the products available to make it easy to care for your terrazzo flooring.

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