Spruce Up The House With White Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen makeover is the best way to spruce up your house for the Spring. You may think a kitchen redo is out of your reach. An Annual Construction Cost survey says the cost of remodeling a small kitchen costs around $20,000. There are a lot of things you can do yourself, to give the kitchen a redo on a budget. A great way to kick-off your project is painting the kitchen a new color. A new paint job runs around $150. That includes the paint and the rest of your supplies. Installing a new porcelain tile floor will make people think you spent a fortune. Porcelain tile costs as little as a dollar per square foot. Get a friend to help you with this easy do-it-yourself project. Vinyl looks great on a kitchen floor and it’s easy to clean up. It’s also the least expensive flooring method. A vinyl floor can usually be laid in a day. If your appliances are looking dated, paint them. Appliance paint comes in spray cans and it’s easy to use. White Kitchen Cabinetsare magnificent in any kitchen. Remove, sand and repaint the cabinets a glossy, white.

275519_mNothing updates a kitchen more than getting rid of old laminate counter-tops. New counter-tops cost around $300.00. If you can’t afford granite, paint the counter-tops. There are paints on the market that mimic the look of natural stone. Add shelves to a wall next to your cabinets. Use the shelves to get your appliances off the counters. It opens up the look of a kitchen to unclutter the counters. A shelving system costs as little as $50. Replacing the kitchen sink and faucet really gives things a new look. There are so many fantastic sink styles, in a variety of finishes. Finish off the White Kitchen Cabinets with some new hardware. Cabinet knobs are available in tons of styles at home improvement stores. It’s a great idea to replace your back-splash with shiny glass mosaic tiles. A tile back-splash is very sleek and modern. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is acting as your own contractor. It’s hard work, but your reward is a sparkling, modern kitchen.

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