Spinal Decompression-A Treatment Option to Discuss with Orthopedic Doctors Panama City FL

Back pain debilitates many every year. From herniated discs and failed back syndrome to sciatica, people miss work or other activities as the pain is so great. Symptoms range from muscle weakness or numbness of the extremities to nerve-generated pain. When Orthopedic Doctors Panama City FL or elsewhere make use of spinal decompression, this pain is reduced or eliminated as pressure is removed from the roots of the nerve.


Spinal decompression is the term for many treatments, including traction laminectomy and endoscopic decompression. Long term results vary depending on a number of factors when this treatment method is used. Factors which play a role in treatment success include age, weight, the type of procedure used and prior spinal health.


When one undergoes spinal decompression, muscle weakness, incontinence and atrophy become a thing of the past. The person becomes more independent and reduces his or her dependence on others. Often, after spinal decompression, the person can return to work and be more productive in society. This helps to increase his or her self confidence also.


Often, those who are obese suffer from one or more spinal conditions. The problem is that the added weight makes it harder for the person to work out as more pressure is put on the joints and the spine and exercise is painful. Although spinal decompression treatment does lead to a period of physical therapy and rest, when the patient is fully recovered, he or she will find they are more mobile which may help them to exercise easier and drop excess pounds.


Spinal decompression treatments tend to be less costly than medications for the treatment of back pain. There are very few side effects seen with spinal decompression as compared to the side effects seen with some prescription medications used for the treatment of back pain. In addition, there are fewer risks than with surgical treatments. This type of treatment is safe, painless and more convenient in many ways.


If back pain is affecting one or more areas of your life, speak to Orthopedic Doctors Panama City FL today to see if you are a good candidate for spinal decompression. This may be the solution you have been searching for. Spinal decompression helps many obtain relief from back pain that has lessened their quality of life.


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