Sparkle Up Your Smile With Yorktown Teeth Whitening

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Dental-Marketing-Ideas

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Everybody dreams of bright and shiny, pearly white teeth and Yorktown teeth whitening can give you just that.  Sometimes for natural reasons and sometimes due to self made mistakes, the color of your teeth may get dull and unpleasant, towards of few shades of yellow.  This can be extremely unsightly and greatly affect your confidence and self esteem.  If you have begun to smile that your mouth closed and shy away from laughing and talking among your friends, it’s time you have a chat with your dentist about Yorktown teeth whitening.

How Is Yorktown Teeth Whitening Done

You may have read about some teeth whitening kits that you could use at home.  The truth however is that the kind of teeth whitening you can achieve at the dentist’s office is unmatched by any of these kits.  Therefore, visit your dentist today to talk about Yorktown teeth whitening.

When you visit your dentist to have the teeth whitening procedure done, your dentist will assess the General Health of your mouth.  After this, your teeth will be rubbed with pumice to remove any plaque deposited on the teeth.  Gauze and retractors will be used to keep your teeth dry during the procedure.  A gum liner will be used to protect your gums and then, a whitening beach solution containing peroxide will be applied to your teeth.  This peroxide solution is the substance that washes away the yellowing to expose bright white teeth. Depending upon the shade of white you need, you may require more than one sittings at the dentist’s office.

Are You A Candidate For Yorktown Teeth Whitening

While everybody desires bright and white teeth, Yorktown teeth whitening may not be a good option for a number of people.  Pregnant women must refrain from Teeth whitening procedures altogether as there isn’t enough research to establish the safety of peroxide for a fetus.  Nursing mothers too must avoid this.  People who have had dental restorations such as veneers with not obtain any results as white thing does not work on anything except the natural teeth enamel.  Also if you have sensitive teeth, the sensitivity may be increased due to whitening products.  Keep all these factors in mind before you consider Yorktown teeth whitening as an alternative to the dull appearance of your teeth.

Taking Care Of Your Teeth After Yorktown Teeth Whitening

If you have just had teeth whitening, you must avoid smoking and drinking for least a week.  Also you must avoid colored food substances such as tomato sauce, coffee, red wine or mustard etc. for 24 hours.  You must brush and floss your teeth twice everyday to ensure the success and longevity of your Yorktown teeth whitening.

Get in touch with the best dentist to discuss and provide you the best teeth whitening treatment in Yorktown. Visit to schedule an appointment for dental checkup today.