Some Beneficial Content Curation Tips

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Business

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Content curation (also called aggregation) has to do with collecting, storing as well as categorizing digital information about a particular topic or subject. Lots of companies are now utilizing this as a promotion tool to cultivate a thriving online presence. Content aggregation does not necessarily generate content, but instead finds content about a specific topic and channels it to the blog or website readers. This is usually achieved through RSS feed, social media feeds and links published on blog entries. Read on for some beneficial content curation tips.

The first thing you need to do so as to excel at content curation is to become a part of the content community. Rather than being merely the individual repackaging information, you should join the content ecosystem by becoming a content creator as well as a curator. An excellent way to achieve this is by creating your content, asking guests to share their content as well as putting together links and articles from the World Wide Web with the aid of a reliable content curation software such as CurationSoft. This way, you have what is referred to as the 3 Cs of content aggregation which are created, collected and contributed. When a visitor to your website or blog finds a beneficial curated collection, he or she will stay on your site and also return for related offerings.

Another important tip is that you should adhere to a schedule. Website and blog readers appreciate regularity and reliability. It does not have to be something extraordinary. It can be as easy as curating 3 new links daily and creating one big post each week. When publishing a new content, ensure you do it at about the same time every week so that your audience will know when to expect fresh content. Adhering to a regular schedule and being consistent will help to ensure that visitors to your site become loyal clients who value your work. Successful content curation tips will not be complete without mentioning this point. Do not be a wallflower. You should socialize, participate as well as engage. Being a curator is not only about having a voice, you also have to read other people’s posts as well as respond to them.