Social Security lawyers can help

Mental or physical impairment are often the victims of discrimination; discrimination in the social sense and in the professional sense. Having a disability does not mean you cannot do a job that you are well suited for. In the United States, people with disabilities are protected by the ADA, American Disabilities Act, and one such right being Social Security Disability Insurance which gives certain benefits to those who cannot work due to the disability they have. Unfortunately, the disability may be declined for benefit and in the event this happens you need the services of a social security lawyer in Idaho Falls.

As the act does not cover all disabilities the best course of action is to appeal. Statistically, 65% of the applications for SSDI are refused on first appeal and this fact is why you need a lawyer in Idaho Falls who knows and understands the social security system.

A social security disability lawyer offers advice to people who are claiming a benefit for a disability, they can often expedite your claim, and even if this is not the case, they understand the intricacies of the law and they can help you get your benefits as quickly as possible. When choosing your lawyer, consider the following:

Understand your need:
If you are pursuing a claim for disability, recognize that you are going up against the government, they are no push-over, and they work strictly by the book.

Social security benefits are split into two different programs; one for disabled people over 65 years of age, this is supplemental security income. The second program is called social security disability insurance and it applies to disabled employees who have recently qualified for benefits.

A social security lawyer in Idaho Falls will help you by identifying which program is most suitable for you and then walk you through the application. The application includes a lot of supporting data and documentation and the lawyer will make sure you understand what the programs are all about. It has been shown that if your claim is refused, when the appeal is made by a lawyer the chances of success increase by 600%. The lawyer will also represent you in court during the appeal process.

Without representation there is very little chance that you appeal will bear fruit.

Research the available law firms:
A lawyer in Idaho Falls saves you the time and effort that you would have to take to pursue your claim, most often, ending in failure. Social security claims are a complex are of law and the lawyer you select must understand the law in finite detail. The number of cases they have won for past clients weighs heavily in their favor in court.

The primary issue, over and above intimate knowledge of the law, is trustworthiness and reliability.

If you are having difficulties with a social security claim then you need a lawyer in Idaho Falls that can help. Contact Maeser Law Office, they have a 90% success rate and offer a free initial consultation.

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