Smart Vision Systems

If you think farming is still in the distant past, with a lone farmer on a tractor caring for his crops every day, you couldn’t be more wrong. Farming has been using vast amounts of technology for quite a while now and lately, artificial intelligence has entered the picture. Here are some of the top reasons why smart vision systems are being used in farms of all sizes.

Detecting Plants

Farmng robots have been equipped with computerized vision for the purpose of detecting the health of the plants they are analyzing. Algorithms essentially train artificial intelligence to recognize what they are looking at. This process is known as bound box annotation and it is highly effective.


Flying drones have become a regularly-used tool in the farming industry. They are programmed to fly over the fields of the farm for mapping purposes. This is so they can use the data that is gleaned from their flights and use it to forecast the condition of the soil.

Managing Live Stockfacebook

On farms that are very large, it can become quite a hassle to try and monitor and keep track of the herds of wandering livestock using only the help of humans. This is why many farms that have large numbers of livestock use smart vision systems to ensure none of the animals have escaped and that all animals are accounted for.

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