Small Accommodations in the Big City

Nairobi is one of the largest cities in Africa, and it’s still continuing to grow in a big way. This energetic urban environment is a center for business as well as for entertainment, offering plenty to any visitor. Living in such an active community might make it difficult to stay at home for any extended period of time. Of course, if your home is small, this could be a benefit. Still, when looking for one bedroom apartments in Nairobi, you do not need to sacrifice comfort to find an affordable living space. No matter the size, your apartment can still offer comprehensive and luxurious accommodations, both inside the room and in the surrounding area.

Anyone who enjoys urban living should consider one bedroom apartments in Nairobi. Just enough to fit two adults, these living spaces can come equipped with a kitchen area for food preparation. They may also come with a microwave and mini-fridge. Luckily, you will be surrounded by your choice of places to eat out, from cheap to fancy anywhere in the city. Lots of cooking, thankfully, will not be required. If you do decide to stay in some nights, there may also be a small dining area in which to sit and eat, furnished with multiple chairs should you have guests. After dinner, you can all retire to the sitting area, complete with a comfortable couch, chair, and coffee table. Every area of these one bedroom apartments in Nairobi is used to the best effect, while deftly avoiding a cluttered look. The interior design also accounts for the size of the space, making it seem larger with high ceilings and a minimal color scheme to create the feeling of openness. An array of windows further open the space, as well as allowing in a beautiful view and the warm weather.

Many of those who come through for business reasons are only staying a short time and don’t need extensive accommodation. Often occupied by meetings and other company events, these tenants will rarely spend extended amounts of time in their room. However, when they do, everything they might need is there for them, making it easy to get work done without a hitch. After all that work is done, the developing, urban environment of Nairobi presents the perfect opportunity to unwind. There are multiple nearby shopping centers, bars, clubs, and places for fine dining, where the overworked can go and enjoy themselves. When it’s time to wind back up again, the neighboring business parks are sure to take care of that, though their proximity to the one bedroom apartments in Nairobi can make the process just that much easier.

No matter your needs, one bedroom apartments in Nairobi will take care of you inside and out. Whether comfortably staying in or going out the town, one bedroom apartments in Nairobi make both easy and convenient. Visit