Septic Tank Pumping Olympia WA Service

Septic tanks get sludge and buildup that needs to be cleaned and pumped out every three to five years. If you own your property in Olympia WA and it has been more than five years since your system was pumped, Septic Tank Companies Olympia WA is necessary to the health and function of your plumbing system. The following will discuss what to expect from this plumbing service.

1) Finding the tank – The first thing a plumbing team does is locate where the septic tank is so they can expose the lids to access the tank. The property owner has no reason to dig on their property when these contractors can find the tank without excavation.

2) Tank liquid measurement – After the plumbers access the tank, they will use a special tool to measure the amount of liquid contained within the tank. If the level is low, it is possible there is a leak in the tank. If the level is high, the problem may be in the drainfield or the pipe leading to the drainfield.

3) Vacuuming the tank – Once the liquid level checks out okay, the technicians lower a vacuum hose into the access port of the tank. The hose is connected to a large tank on the commercial plumbing truck used for transferring, storing, and the proper disposal of the septic tank contents.

4) Monitoring the pumping process – Technicians monitor the process and watch for backflow. If there is a lot of backflow, this indicates a drainfield backup issue. If the backflow is insignificant, there may be a problem with the pipe leading to the drainfield.

5) Tank cleaning – Once the tank is pumped out completely, a tool, referred to as a septage spoon is used along with backflushing in order to loosen the sludge and gunk from the tank including the corners. Then they tank is sprayed with clean water to clean it thoroughly.

These are the steps to expect from a Septic Tank Pumping Olympia service. You should also expect the technicians to check the empty tank before cleaning it out to look for any holes, cracks, baffle damage, or other damage to the tank to ensure the structural integrity of the septic unit. Any issues found are resolved before pumping and cleaning the tank.

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