Selecting a Style of Alloy Wheel for Your Vehicle

Choosing a style of alloy wheel for your vehicle is not always the easiest choice. With so many style options, drivers today can customise their ride with various size wheels and car accessories for a completely unique look. The style of alloy wheels chosen will ultimately depend on personal tastes and budget. Take a look at some of the most common spoke patterns available for alloy wheels to determine which best suits you and your vehicle’s needs.

3-Spoke Wheel

For a simple striking design, the 3-spoke wheel is an iconic car accessory. This look is highly popular due to its ‘retro’ style design and engaging spoke pattern. While not suitable for all makes and models, the 3-spoke wheel is more commonly seen on Saab vehicles. Consult with an alloy wheels retailer to find out if a 3-spoke wheel would be appropriate for your vehicle.

5-Spoke Wheel

The 5-spoke alloy wheel is one of the most popular designs today and is seen on the majority of vehicles that use alloy. The 5-spoke or “5-star” wheel can be seen in many variations, including slightly curved spokes or spokes with a detailed bolt centre. The 5-star spoke is ideal for the winter months due to their simple, yet robust, design and easiness to clean. They are most popular on family vehicles but can be used on nearly any type of car or truck.

Multi-Spoke Wheel

Due to their structural strength, more and more manufacturers are creating multi-spoke wheels. These wheels can be seen with as little as 7 or as many as 20 spokes, placed closer or further apart from one another in a simple design. Many major vehicle brands now use the multi-spoke wheel design, from Mercedes to BMW.

Split-Spoke Wheel

In some cases, a 5-spoke or multi-spoke wheel design will be cut down the middle. This unique design is known as the split-spoke wheel. When you opt for this one-of-a-kind style, you may choose gaps that are larger between the spokes or gaps that are slightly smaller for a different look altogether. Split-spoke wheels are also referred to as “double spoke” wheels.

Y-Spoke Wheel

The Y-spoke wheel is a unique combination of the multi-spoke and the split-spoke design. In some cases, the spokes are split at a specific angle to resemble the letter “Y” and to provide the rim with more efficient structural integrity. This type of wheel also exudes a stunning look that is unparalleled to the other wheel types on the market.

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