Seal Coating In Boise Idaho

Asphalt is one of the most used ingredients which is used in the road construction process. It has excellent waterproof, flexibility and adhesive properties that help in binding and holding the aggregates in the pavement. Asphalt protects the aggregates from absorbing water due to its waterproofing properties.

Another fact is that in spite of the adhesive and waterproofing properties of asphalt, it has certain drawbacks. The reasons that accounts for the associated drawbacks are its chemical makeup. It is a complex mixture of various chemicals which are open chain in structure. Due to this reason, they easily disintegrate due to external environment conditions such as weather, chemicals etc. Eventually, the asphalt binders used in the pavements gets exhausted depending upon the factors such as traffic volumes and the climatic conditions. In this situation, seal coating is very necessary as it provides a protective coating to the asphalt and saves it from damage by the external agents.

There are various types of seal coating materials available in the market. One type is that made from the refined coal tar and another one made from asphalt. Seal coat is stored in transportable containers that continuously stir up the mixture after dilution to assure that the product is homogenous and uniform at the time of application.

The process of applying seal coat consists of two steps. In the first step, all the perimeters, curbs, sidewalks and concrete areas are squeezed to lighten the seal coat getting on them. In the second step, the rest of the seal is sprayed to assure of an even coat of 45 square feet per gallon at 15 percent dilution.

After the seal coat is properly applied and dried, striping, lettering, arrows and handy caps are installed back into their original layout. If you are a resident of Boise Idaho, then you must visit the website of the reputed maintenance agency which provides various services related to seal coating in Boise Idaho.

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