Safety Precautions to Take with a Gas Tank Sealer

If you have a hole in the gas tank on your car or motorcycle, you might wonder if you need to take it in for repair. Luckily, this is one of those repairs anyone who is even the slightest bit handy can do on his own. This enables you to save a bit of money and have the satisfaction of making a repair on your car on your own. In order to make the repairs, you need a gas tank sealer kit and plenty of safety precautions to follow to keep yourself safe.

Avoid Gasoline

As you are working with the gas tank, it might seem obvious you will come into contact with gas. You should try to avoid this at all costs because it could cause a fire. Even the slightest trace can become a troublesome fire. In order to ensure it is completely emptied, wait until the entire tank is dry before attempting any repairs, rather than starting the project as soon as you feel as if you have driven the car out of gas. When you are working on the car or motorcycle, you should wear fuel-proof gloves in the event you do come into contact with any fuel.

Avoiding Damage

The smallest spark can cause your entire tank to break out into flames, which is why it is important to work with precision. Avoid the use of any metal tools. There is no need to hammer, weld or grind the tank. The use of tools could cause a spark that results in a fire. You should also disconnect the fuel connectors to reduce the risk of electrical shock. The proper gas tank sealer simply requires a proper cleaning and then administering the sealer that automatically adheres to the clean surface.


Care should be taken, even with the accessories around your garage. Fluorescent bulbs can cause damage if they are broken because the contents are flammable and gasoline vapors could be released into the air. Check the rest of your surroundings as well to ensure they are clean and do not contain any other items that could erupt into flames.

Being able to repair your own gas tank is a feat many people would be proud to complete. As long as you follow the proper procedures when using a gas tank sealer, you should be able to successfully repair your gas tank and have your car running efficiently once again.

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