Review of Guardianship Law

Lake Forest guardianship refers to people assuming the responsibility of another individuals’ personal decisions, possibly their finances, healthcare, etc. One form of guardianship is of course, between parents and child (child custody) but specified Lake Forest guardianship law refers to those situations when someone may be suffering from the long term lasting effects of Alzheimer’s and such.

Seeking Legal Help

There is a long and intricate process in which people have to go through in order to gain guardianship of an individual; that is typically when people seek professional help from a Lake Forest guardianship lawyer. A Lake Forest guardianship lawyer understands all of the different rules, regulations and requirements that are needed in order to gain guardianship of someone.

Judge Decides

The judge must see that the ‘ward’ is deemed unfit to make their own personal decisions and that the one seeking guardianship would be fit to help them or just flat out make their life decisions. It is imperative that the ward’s best interest always remains, because they are no longer able to think for themselves.

One can become a guardian generally if they meet a few requirements which are that they are eighteen years of age or older, are a United States citizen, and that they are not of unsound mind. They also are not allowed to have ever been convicted of a felony and have no personal disabilities.

Child Custody and Guardianship

Child custody is a form of guardianship but in law terms, guardianship dealing with children is between people who are not the biological parents. Overall, legal guardianship over an individual involves a very broad range of assumed responsibilities. Custody can either be legal or physical whereas once guardianship has been granted, it is twenty-four seven.

Guardianship of an Estate

A Lake Forest guardianship lawyer also will cover cases that have to deal with estates. Gaining guardianship of an estate simply means that all financial matters will be the one who was rewarded guardianship’s responsibility. In this particular case, a Lake Forest guardianship lawyer would have to prove that the ward is unfit to be making financial decisions (taxes, bills, expenses, etc.) This particular form of guardianship is much more difficult to obtain and it is highly suggested to seek out a Lake Forest guardianship lawyer if in this situation instead of trying to pursue matters without legal representation.

When it comes to dealing with any legal matters, it is suggested to at least call around to local law firms within the area to ensure you are well informed about the situation at hand.

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