Retaining Walls in Quad Cities: An Integral Part of a Total Landscape

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Lawn Care Service

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While most people think of retaining walls as simply a way to keep dirt from moving, the walls themselves add to the value of any landscape plan. Because they can be constructed of a variety of materials and shaped to match a lot’s topography, retaining walls can be both functional and beautiful. Professionals designing and installing Retaining Walls in Quad Cities work with homeowners to design walls that enhance the look and feel of a yard.

Expanding outdoor living areas is an increasingly important trend, with patios, outdoor kitchens and fire pits taking center stage as homeowners move to the outdoors. Retaining walls are often needed to create the spaces needed for that move. Yard spaces for outdoor living areas must, as a rule, be level. Retaining walls allow yards to be sculpted into the shapes necessary for maximizing outdoor living spaces. Multiple levels can easily be created, creating separate areas for cooking and relaxing or enjoying a pool or spa.

Of course, the primary job of any retaining wall is to keep dirt from moving to areas where it is not wanted. Where runoff is an issue, retaining walls also help to redirect water to areas where it can do no harm. Retaining Walls in Quad Cities can be sized to take care of any drainage issues, and constructed of materials that will look good for years to come. Whether seeking a stacked stone look or a sleek, contemporary concrete look, area professionals like Greenspace Associates ( take care of all phases of a project. Using modern computer aided design, they create designs and help clients visualize how the finished wall will look.

The local landscaping professionals also provide a range of other services designed to enhance outdoor areas. In addition to designing and constructing retaining walls, the companies design patio areas, ponds and other waterscapes, walkways and irrigation systems. They also maintain existing landscape elements with mowing, trimming and cleaning services. Quality landscaping is an ongoing effort, with specific steps needed at different times of the year to guarantee yard, garden and tree health. For a complete list of services, contact a landscape professional today.