Rebuilt Transmissions Can Be the Solution to Shifting Problems

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Automotive

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When your transmission starts to show signs of having problem, it could mean a minor repair, or it could mean a major overhaul or replacement. Even if you opt for a replacement transmission, there is a pretty strong chance that you’re going to at least end up considering replacing your transmission with a rebuilt one. Whether you get your own transmission rebuilt or go looking for previously rebuilt transmissions, this is often the best and most cost-effective solution to transmission problems, and in many cases it’s the only available solution.

Transmission Problems

Your transmission will send you clues when it is in need of service. You may notice harder shifts, the engine may rev higher before shifting, you may hear a grinding noise coming from the transmission, your car may slip out of gear or you might not be able to get your vehicle to move at all. These symptoms could indicate something minor, like a leaking transmission line, a computer glitch or bent shift linkage, or they could indicate a more serious internal problem. When a transmission has internal problems, it is usually time for a complete overhaul or replacement.

The Transmission Rebuilding Procedure

A transmission gets rebuilt in much the same way whether it is your own transmission pulled from your car and rebuilt or another one that was already rebuilt in a shop or factory. The transmission gets taken apart completely and each piece gets carefully inspected. If a part is damaged, it gets repaired or replaced. After all the parts are confirmed to be up to factory specifications, the transmission gets cleaned and reassembled.

Remanufactured and New Transmissions

Remanufactured transmissions are a specific type of rebuilt transmissions that are just a little bit better. Rather than being rebuilt to original manufacturer specifications, they are built to updated manufacturer specifications, including any modern improvements or corrections. They are also rebuilt in a more controlled factory environment, rather than in a shop. Because of these advantages, remanufactured transmissions tend to cost a bit more and have a longer warranty than other rebuilds.

When someone talks about a new transmission, they often are really talking about a remanufactured transmission. Truly new transmissions are built on the original factory assembly line in the same way the original transmission on the car was built, and these types of transmissions are very rare. If you do get a truly new transmission, it will cost more than other options, but also come with the best warranty.

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