Reasons You May Consider Gamma Knife

You may not have ever heard of Gamma Knife surgery Harrisburg before, but it is becoming better known. It may be used to treat specific conditions of the brain in some cases. Some of the brain abnormalities that may be treated with a Gamma Knife procedure are: brain tumors, brain cancer, trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuroma, and arteriovenous malformations which are a type of blood vessel problem also called AVM. If you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions, or anybody else you know has been, you may want to learn more about this Gamma Knife surgery Harrisburg.

Gamma Knife Surgery Harrisburg is a radio surgery that has shown some success for treating some conditions related to Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and chronic pain such as tremor and rigidity. There are also other conditions physicians will recommend Gamma Knife for.
Gamma Knife radio surgery is also known as stereotactic surgery. It is a very precise form of radiology. They call it a surgery, but it really doesn’t involve actual surgery because the Gamma Knife isn’t really a knife. Instead, it uses beams of highly-focused gamma rays to take care of medium or small lesions, most often found in the brain. Several gamma radiation beams group together to focus on treating the lesion. This provides a very intense dose of radiation without an actual opening or incision to the body. Probably the reason they call it a surgery even though it isn’t an actual surgery where a cut is made to the body is that the end result of using the Gamma Knife surgery Harrisburg is very similar to the result if you would have had an actual surgery. But it can be achieved with a onetime treatment of radiation therapy. The beams of radiation are so precise that they don’t have much negative effect on the healthy tissue surrounding the problem area.

Sometimes Gamma Knife treatment is used for conditions of a neurological nature. One of these conditions is trigeminal neuralgia which is a problem where pressure on the trigeminal nerve causes spasms of extreme facial pain. Another is acoustic neuroma which is a non-cancerous tumor in the brain that disrupts the nerves that control hearing.
Sometimes, a brain lesion can’t be reached or can’t very easily be reached by the normal surgical techniques. This is where the Gamma Knife is really effective and is a huge benefit to the medical field and the patients they treat. As you can see, the Gamma Knife is a marvelous tool that can be very effective in treating abnormalities.

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