Reasons To Choose A Honeywell Micro Switch

While the Honeywell Sensing and Control Company didn’t invent the micro switch, they have owned the Micro Switch trademark since 1950. While many different miniature snap-action switches are now sold as “micro” there is only one original Honeywell micro switch.

As with most parts and electronic components, choosing a Honeywell micro switch over another product by another manufacturer makes a lot of sense. These switches have been around for decades, and they have evolved to meet the needs of a variety of industries over time.

There are many different standard applications for the Honeywell micro switch line. This includes in military applications, in the aerospace industry, for manufacturing electronics, equipment, appliances and in virtually all types of system controls. Often made of PBT polyester thermoplastic, these switches will last for years of continual use.

Brand Name Support

When using a Honeywell micro switch of any model, there is the Honeywell name behind the product. These are designed to be long lasting, durable and are extensively tested within the specific environments in which they are designed for use.

There is a variety of miniature snap-action switches from this company designed for outdoor use, including in agricultural machinery, gas and oil production, and in all types of outdoor control systems. These are waterproof with a completely sealed switching chamber for extended life even in the most difficult of operating conditions.

Each Honeywell micro switch comes complete with extensive information about the particular model. This includes everything from the bushing sizes to the ampere/voltage range. They will also specify the circuitry and the temperature range within the use of the specific switch.

Features to Consider

In addition to the features listed above, the Honeywell micro switch line also includes a range of different additional features to consider. They have different options in terminations, with most offering quick connect as well as a variety of alternative terminations.

Other options or features that are available in the different lines include the types of contacts, from silver to gold-plated, gold and cadmium oxide, as well as more specialized choices such as silver nickel. Choosing the right contacts is largely a feature of the type of circuitry and connections required.

Different Honeywell micro switch models also have low energy or power-duty electrical ratings, options for wiring combination, low operating forces and double-break circuitry, all essential in a variety of specialized uses and applications.

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