Questions To Ask Painting Contractors In Nassau County NY

by | Dec 16, 2011 | Home Decor

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Without an extensive range of experience across a range of different tasks you should be careful with your selection of any of the painting contractors in Nassau County NY. Look for a painter who has worked in the trade for decades One who is a member of the trade bodies such as the painting and Decorating Contractors of the USA and the Guild of Wall paper Hangers. Standing in the local community will be increased if they are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Ask about the training programmes for their staff members to see if they are up to date with the latest environmental techniques.

How much will the job cost?

It will not be as simple as measuring the number of square meters, since consideration will need to be given to the state of the surfaces. Any problems such as damp, mildew or mould will need to be treated in advance and not just ignored and painted over. Your quotation should be complete and in writing, and give details of all the treatments ant the brand of top quality products that your painting contractors in Nassau County will be using. The quotation should also make reference to the length of time the work will take.

Will you provide a warranty and insurance cover?

The answer will have to be yes. However what type and how detailed? You should receive at least twelve months unconditional warranty. You should also check the level of indemnity cover that they have in case an accident should happen to one of your prized possessions. Ask for copies of both documents when you receive the quotation, and check to see that they are in date.

How will my premises be protected?

You should be assured that all floors leading up to the work area are covered are covered and that at that the work area is sealed off with plastic sheeting and all items in the area are protected with new clean covers. Do not accept stained second hand versions. It is only when you and the painting contractors from Nassau County NY are satisfied that painting work should be started.

Why should I choose you?

The choice from the range of painting contractors in Nassau County NY can be difficult, so you need to look for the one who will care most and treat your property as if were their own. During your meetings with the representatives from the painters you short list form you own opinions. Ask for references of previous work that they have completed over the years and see if you can contact any of the previous customers.