Questions And Answers About Rodent Control In Mesa

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Pest Control Service

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It’s not uncommon for rodents, such as rats or mice, to make their way into a home. Once inside, they cause destruction by rummaging through kitchen cabinets for food, chewing on various items inside the home and leaving their waste wherever they go. Living with a rodent infestation is not only frustrating, but it’s also unhealthy. When rats or mice are seen inside the house, homeowners should contact a Rodent Control Mesa area specialist as quickly as possible. Read the questions and answers below to learn additional information about a rodent infestation in the home.

Q.) How can a homeowner keep rats and mice from getting inside the house?

A.) Examine the crawl space underneath the house and repair any damaged boards that could provide an entryway for rodents to get inside the premises. Walk around the outside of the home and look for additional damaged areas where rodents can crawl into the house. Homeowners should also examine the roof to make sure there aren’t any openings that a rodent can pass through. If there are any tree limbs that hang over the roof, homeowners should have the limbs cut back at least three feet from the home. Click here for more details.

Q.) What are some of the signs that indicate there are rodents inside the house?

A.) One of the first signs of rodents inside the home will be boxes and bags of food inside the cabinets that have holes in them. The food is often scattered inside the cabinets and homeowners will also see the waste that’s left by the rodents. In the attic or crawl space, homeowners can look for pieces of torn insulation and nests made with various pieces of cloth and paper. Rodents like to hide and build their nests in areas where there’s an abundance of clutter. Cleaning out the basement, garage and attic can help homeowners spot rodents before an infestation occurs. After a Rodent Control Mesa area specialist eradicates the rats and mice, homeowners should take the proper steps to keep the rodents from returning.

To get rid of the rodent infestation in your home, contact a specialist at Alliance Pest Management. This experienced company can quickly rid your home of rodents by using methods that are safe for the environment.