Protect your rights in an auto accident!

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Legal

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When faced with an accident situation, a seasoned and qualified auto accident lawyer in Portland OR is your best friend. However, at the time of an accident one is often disoriented, and not everyone immediately knows the name or phone number of a lawyer. So before you get someone to represent you, there are a few common sense things you should know about protecting your rights in an auto accident situation. The most important advise that any reputable Auto Accident Lawyer Portland OR would give you is to seek medical aid immediately. Regardless of whose fault you may think the accident is, your primary obligation is to make sure your injuries are treated. In this regard, it is absolutely essential to provide first responders at the scene with a full and complete description of your injuries and symptoms. This information could be vital if or when you subsequently decide to claim for damages or file an insurance claim.

Oftentimes you may be traumatized and disoriented as a result of the accident. In situations like these, it is difficult for you to think of the right thing to say or do. The best thing therefore to do or say is: Nothing! You may be approached by sympathetic sounding individuals offering their assistance to get you a “quick and meaningful” settlement. Beware however that these people can sometimes be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may often represent the other party’s insurance company and could be in search for any self-incriminating statements that you could utter in a state of shock and confusion.

If you are pressed by such individuals to sign a document, make sure you decline. Your best response would be to say that once you have engaged legal representation, you will get in touch with them for a statement.

Law enforcement officials at the scene of an accident will often want to take statements from both parties at the scene. It is often helpful to cooperate with the law. However, if you feel that you are in no position to make a statement immediately, preferring medical treatment first and the presence of legal representation, the on-scene investigators will respect that decision too. In the event that you do make a statement, always make sure to ask for a copy for your records. That information will play a vital part in any future trial to determine compensation or lay fault for the accident.

One very important piece of advice that any Auto Accident Lawyer in Portland OR will give you in an auto accident or personal injury situation is: Unless your life is threatened by staying back, never flee the scene of an accident. In doing so, regardless of your innocence, you provide law enforcement and lawyers for the other party grounds to suspect your guilt.


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