Protect Your Child’s Smile With Children Dentistry in Poulsbo Wa

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Loan

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Having a healthy smile as a child is paramount to having a healthy smile as an adult. When a child’s teeth are not properly cared for, problems can arise that impact the health of their adult teeth. It is imperative parents do all they can to make sure their child’s smile health is protected. A big part of that involves seeking regular appointments with the children dentistry in Poulsbo WA. With these appointments, children can avoid cavities and gum disease which can harm their teeth.

Why Is It Important Children See the Dentist?

Children of all ages need to see the dentist at least twice a year. These appointments are for preventative care. They are meant to help prevent conditions such as cavities and gum disease. Unfortunately, these conditions can occur at any age, so preventative care is crucial.

Another important reason for seeing the dentist is to ensure the proper growth of the jawbone. As a child ages, their jawbone grows and it can sometimes grow improperly. When this happens, a child can experience painful chewing and changes to their appearance. Monitoring the growth of the jawbone is a crucial part of ensuring the child’s smile health and appearance will be protected throughout their life.

As a child’s teeth develop, alignment issues can begin to occur. These not only make the child’s smile look less attractive but they can also lead to problems with chewing and with proper oral care practices. With children dentistry in Poulsbo WA, orthodontic solutions can be administered early on, to ensure the teeth remain properly aligned.

What Can Be Expected?

When a child comes in for a preventative care appointment, they will go through several steps.

  • The child’s teeth will be cleaned to remove any plaque or tartar.
  • The child’s mouth will be examined for any signs of gum disease or cavities.
  • X-rays will be carried out to ensure there are no hidden issues that need to be treated.
  • A Fluoride treatment will be given to make the teeth stronger, so they are less likely to develop cavities.

If your child is in need of preventative care, contact Dentistry For Children. Allow them to schedule your child’s appointment today.