Promote Your Candidate with Chocolate Gold Coins

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Shopping

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Promoting a candidate effectively takes charm, intelligence and ingenuity. That’s true, whether you’re supporting a student for class president or helping a trusted associate seek public office. A surprisingly simple, affordable and fun way of soliciting votes is by handing out custom imprinted chocolate gold coins.

Put a Name with a Face

Because chocolate gold coins are so small, there isn’t enough room to print a candidate’s manifesto. They’d be lucky to get people to read past one word while opening the wrapper. These kinds of promotional items are extremely successful, however, at helping people get familiar with your candidate. Printing a picture of someone’s face, along with his last name, gets a candidate on people’s minds, especially when delivered by the handful.

Because it’s unique, this method leaves an impression at general rallies where candidates are not well known. For tailored functions, a graphic with a singular word that sums up someone’s focus or attitude may make more of an impact. “Progressive,” “Devoted” and other key phrases that tap into a campaign’s purpose are perfect for the size of a chocolate gold coin.

Stretching Your Investment

The same businesses that sell custom-created chocolate gold coins often have bulk supplies of coins sporting particular pictures. Religious symbols, smiley faces and other general graphics can be used to reinforce a candidate’s image. They’re also fairly inexpensive. Pairing a few custom coins with a small bag of generic pieces helps stretch out your investment.

You can also pass these out while going door to door. They’re perfect conversations pieces, because they’re small enough to save and unique enough to get people talking. Like buttons, chocolate gold coins can be popular political mementos.

It’s curious that something so simple as a chocolate coin could be useful in a campaign, but the results are in. They’re an easy way to get the public familiar with a person’s face. That can be half the battle. It also leaves them with a feeling of celebration that fliers and mailers so often fail to provide. Making chocolate gold coins a party of your campaign is a fun, affordable way to boost a candidate’s reputation.

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