Printed Umbrella Part of Rainy Region Wardrobe

If you live in a rainy region, you’ll probably need to invest in a whole wardrobe of protective, handheld canopies-on-a-stick. You probably need a serious, dark colored parasol for making a businesslike impression. Having a watercolor paint box set of parasols can allow you to coordinate with the clothes you’re wearing on a given day. A printed umbrella is definitely a way to make a fashion statement and accessorize your appearance in a unique way.

There are some regions in the country that rain occasionally, and then there are others where water falling from the sky is a way of life. On several of the Hawaiian Islands, hundreds of inches of rain can fall in one year! No wonder there is lush tropical plant life everywhere on Kauai. The Big Island is also an extremely wet region, where a printed umbrella, as well as a slew of others would come in quite handy The Pacific Northwest region of the United States is another area known for their damp weather, so waterproof protective gear is popular and a part of the culture.

Parasol fabrics are available in every color of the rainbow. Having a few to match your shirts, blouses, coats and galoshes can give you a pulled together and attractive look. These protective shelters also come in various sizes to fit the individual. For example, a six-foot tall, 250 pound man will definitely need a wider expanse on his canopy than a young child.

Printed umbrella options can be ready-made or personalized. Off the shelf, there are parasol prints of polka-dots, sunflowers, stripes, or any number of other colorful motifs. For personalized products, fabrics can be printed with photos, logos or trademarks. Photos of smiling faces showcased on umbrellas can become unique gifts for grandparents, parents or other family members. Who wouldn’t want to see a beloved face smiling from their parasol? When businesses add their company contact information and logo to the fabric, it’s a fantastic way to advertise their products and services.

Not only can an umbrella’s deflective fabric be colorful and decorative, but the handle and stick can turn into a fashion statement, too. These hard plastic, wooden or metal sticks can be tinted to align with the fabric’s hue and design, or make a statement on their own. Adding the owner’s name to the “J” of a handle can be a great way to personalize this useable item.

Plain and printed umbrella styles are popular in the rainiest regions of the country and world for good reason. In addition to keeping users dry, these highly functional products can cause the people holding on to them to look fashionable, too.

For residents of rainy geographic regions, a printed umbrella is more than merely a fashion statement. A printed umbrella is a shelter in the storm and a way of life.

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