Porcelain dentures, what are they?

Dentures are prosthetics that fit over the gums and replace missing teeth. Porcelain dentures are often the choice of many people over alternatives such as resin or metal because they feel and look more natural. Dentures can be full, meaning they are used as replacements for all the teeth or a partial which means they only replace teeth which are missing, leaving the remaining natural teeth in place. It is possible to produce the dentures in Allen Park before any teeth are removed.

Dentures are made from a mold which is made of the patient’s mouth. The molds can be made before the patient has the teeth extracted or after they have been removed. The dentures that are made prior to the removal of the natural teeth are called immediate dentures; these can be worn even before the gums have fully healed from the extractions. Conventional dentures are those that are made after the patients teeth have been taken out. Immediate dentures in Allen Park are temporary in nature and are used until conventional ones can be produced.

Dentures can be produced from an array of different materials but porcelain retains its popularity. Porcelain has a number of qualities that natural teeth have; the material functions and looks very much like the natural teeth including the translucent quality, it is this quality that gives porcelain dentures a more natural appearance. Porcelain dentures can be solid in their construction; the material can also be fused to a core of metal which gives them added strength.

The term “porcelain dentures” implies that they are made from porcelain; this is not always the case. They can also be produced from a ceramic material that can be tinted to a specific color while in production; they are very strong and equally resistant to staining and corrosion. False teeth can be produced from resin, a special type of plastic, they look like natural teeth but they have the tendency to stain quicker and easier.

Porcelain dentures in Allen Park that are well produced in the first place give the wearer the longest possible lifespan but even they will need to be adjusted periodically. Dentures are subject to wear and tear and it is possible that a denture wearer may go through several in his lifetime.

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