Pest Management With Pest Control Exterminator In Alexandria VA

A pest control exterminator in Alexandria VA can help building contractor or manager with effective pest management. Pests, such as, rats, mice and termites can cause lots of damage to the building’s structure thus causing thousands of dollars in damage and repair. Apart from the structural damages, these pests are also detrimental to health. Pest management involves pest extermination, pest prevention plan and scheduling building inspections for early detection of pests by a professional pest control exterminator in Alexandria VA.

Today’s Trend In Pest Control With Pest Control Exterminator In Alexandria VA

Latest trend indicate that the pest management preferences has shifted towards using more environmental friendly and safer methodology. There are some cases or some pests that respond to chemical pesticides only and such cases will require the use of chemical pesticides or a combination of pest control methods prepared by a professional pest control exterminator in Alexandria VA.

IPM is a pest management approach to use environmental friendly and common-sense practices. There are four steps identified in this approach – action thresholds, monitor and identify pests, prevention and control. Many pest control companies are adapting to this approach for pest management.

There are many less toxic products available today that are less detrimental to the environment.

Cockroaches And Termites Management With Pest Control Exterminator In Alexandria VA

If left unchecked cockroaches and termites are a big threat to the structure of the building and to the health of the population. Cockroaches contaminate the food and can be responsible for allergies, gastric disorders, food poisoning and other diseases. Termite infestations are dangerous as it weakens the foundation and causes structural damage to the property and cost almost $2 billion annually in structural damage.

To prevent roach infestations, keep the food tightly sealed in jars and containers, wipe down the kitchen counters and clean all food particles from the floor. Trash cans should use proper liners and any cracks in the walls should be sealed appropriately. Instead of using toxic sprays, try using sticky traps to eliminate roaches.

For preventing termite infestations, store wood and lumber away from the house, make sure that any exposed wood is pre-treated and schedule inspections to look for the signs of termite infestations. Termites are exterminated effectively by identifying and eliminating the main active nest.

Rodents, Birds And Bats Management With Pest Control Exterminator In Alexandria VA

Rodents contaminate food, damage property and are often the cause for electrical fires. Baits and traps have proved to be effective solution to control and eliminate rodents but it requires understanding rodent behavior and constant monitoring. Rodent control products available today are low toxic in nature and can be used with lesser environmental impact.

While rodents are internal pests while birds and bats can be a nuisance outside. Bird control is more sensitive and doesn’t follow the same process as roaches and termites. Instead birds need to be relocated to other areas. Visit the site for more details.

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