Perfect Looking Teeth Are Possible With Veneers In Salem OR

As we age it becomes harder to maintain our attractive good looks. This is as true of our hair as it is of our smiles. The color of our teeth naturally gets darker as we get older. A bright white smile that one flashed in their younger days, may be just a memory by the middle years of life. Excessive coffee consumption and unhealthy habits like smoking also add to the problem. In the past there was not much dentists could do with patients who had these issues. They might recommend more routine cleanings and ask their patients to refrain from troublesome foods or drinks.

Nowadays one way to remake teeth that have been badly stained is with new veneers in Salem OR. Prospective patients first see their dentist for an exam. At this time, dental decay will be taken care of and a professional cleaning with the dental hygienist will be scheduled. A full series of recent x-rays will be taken so the doctor can ascertain if there are more complicated problems that need to be addressed. If everything checks out fine, a cosmetic treatment like veneers in Salem OR will be discussed.

Adding veneers is a technique that cosmetic dentists utilize to correct the front teeth. The advantage of veneers in Salem OR is its ability to cover stains, cracks and teeth that are uneven. With a veneer placed on a tooth, there is no need to place a crown or dental implant in the area. While the procedure is relatively quick and easy on the patient, there are several steps that must be followed.

When placing veneers in Salem OR the dentist will first gently file down the outer layer of the tooth in question. This makes for a flat surface to hold the veneer itself. The veneer is then placed on the tooth and sized to fit. Once perfect, it is glued into place with permanent dental cement. This gives the patient a perfect smile in as little as one or two appointments in the dental chair.