Online Makeup Tutorials Are Becoming All the Rage

If you do not have a teenage girl in your home, it is likely that you have no idea what online makeup tutorials are all about.  However, if you do have a teen or tween girl in your home, you probably have heard all about online makeup tutorials because they are currently all the rage.

Many teenagers are spending hours looking at makeup tutorials on YouTube these days learning just exactly the best way to apply their makeup.  Many times they will learn not only great ideas for applying makeup but where to purchase this makeup as well.  It can become an expensive habit for your teenager if you let it.  I would suggest setting a budget on exactly how much can be spent each month on makeup for your teenager so that you do not break the bank with their habit.  I have to say there are so many worse habits out there your teen could be involved in that I would count this one a blessing.  You may even learn a few makeup tips from your teen that you had never learned before.  Make this time of online makeup tutorials a time to spend together with your teenager and have some fun with it!

Some of the online makeup moguls will even have contests where your teen can actually win some of the products they are showing them how to use.  This makes it fun and interesting for your teen to take part in and keeps them coming back over and over.

I don’t know how many times my daughter and I have been walking through the local drug store searching for a makeup product she has seen on one of these online makeup tutorials.  It seems as though the stores are keeping up with what is trending online as well because they always seem to have exactly the right product on hand.

Online makeup tutorials are becoming some of the most popular YouTube videos out there today.  This is saying a lot because there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos to choose from.  Your child can learn everything they need to know about applying makeup and taking care of their skin in the comfort of their own home.  Gone are the days where there is a need to learn this type of stuff in school. Health classes do not even need to discuss skin care with your teenage girl, she will likely know more than the teacher does by the time she takes a class at school on it.

It seems as though these online makeup tutorials are here to stay so why not join in on the fun and see what you can learn!

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