Never Go To Court Without a Family Court Lawyer in Smithtown

Family court is a place where no one really wants to be and few people, other than lawyers, understand. Whether you find yourself in family court regarding a post-divorce issue or concerning custody of your minor children, you need a family court lawyer in Smithtown, NY by your side. By choosing a lawyer with experience working in Smithtown family courts, you can be sure that your attorney understands the system and will advocate for your rights throughout the process.

Matters that have to be decided in family court are always sensitive. There are often children involved and adults who are unable to agree on issues with court intervention. Family law attorneys know the laws related to custody and visitation and can help protect your interests in the case. If you are a man who has been named as the father of a child, an attorney may help you assert your paternal rights and petition the court for visitation or custody of your child. A lawyer may be able to assist in mediation or negotiate an agreement between the parties.

When a couple gets divorced, one of the parents often pays child support to the other. Though the state of New York has a standard formula to compute child support, a lawyer can explain any special circumstances that may warrant more or less financial support from the other parent. If your child has significant medical expenses, tuition costs or fees related to extra curricular activities, be sure your Family Court Lawyer in Smithtown, NY knows so they can become part of the court record.

A family law attorney can also help you get an order of protection if you are the victim of harassment, stalking, reckless endangerment or assault. Because family court cases are often very emotional, you can benefit from having a lawyer there to present your case to the judge. Your lawyer will not be intimidated by your former spouse and will ensure that the judge hears and understands why you need an order of protection. After you receive the court order, your Family Court Lawyer in Smithtown, NY will make sure you understand how the order of protection works and will ensure that law enforcement agencies are aware of it.

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