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Branding cattle is as old as keeping livestock. The unique symbols used made sure that cattle were easily identifiable as belonging to a certain individual. Branding a business is much the same. Your logo is a quick and easy way for your customers to identify you, and to build brand recognition. But how do you get a good logo?

Go Pro

Graphic design is a specialty within web development that also touches on non-web applications. Simply put, your logo can appear on your website, on your business cards, on a car wrap, or even get towed around by an airplane. There are so many places to display your logo that it can be a little hard to choose which one will be the most successful. But by far the most vital places for your logo are on your website, and on your business cards.

If you think about some of the most famous logos, you’ll see that one thing they have going for them is instant brand recognition. For instance, Apple has their famous apple – instantly recognized by anyone who uses an iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer. Likewise you can’t see the towers and spires of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle without instantly knowing that logo belongs to Disney.

Unfortunately, this is not a DIY friendly type of job. You need a graphic designer experienced in branding to help you create an instantly recognizable logo to ID your Oklahoma business. You also need a logo that can stretch across multiple uses, and be just as crisp and clear on that hypothetical car wrap, as it is on your website.

Get on Board

When you work with a local creative firm, you will be dealing with people who will use your business right there in your town. Have a look at their portfolio and talk to some of the people that they’ve worked for. Call My Heart Creative and start the process of successfully branding your business with a terrific logo and website.

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