Most Common Reasons for Water Heater Repair in Bristol, CT

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Plumbing

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The hot water heater in your home is responsible for providing hot water for a range of tasks including showers, laundry and cooking. There are a number of problems that can happen to require water heater repair in Bristol, CT, such as leaks. It is important to have the water heater routinely serviced and maintained in order to extend the life of the unit. Even with regular maintenance, problems can arise that require professional assistance to repair or replace the water heater. Here are some of the most common problems that occur with water heaters.

One of the most common reasons for water heater repair in Bristol, CT is leaks. If you notice a puddle of water at the bottom of the water heater or if there is a large amount of condensation and dripping around the bottom of the water heater, there may be a leak. Typically leaking is due to a crack in the internal tank and cracks cannot be repaired, so the water heater will need replaced. It is common for minerals to build up and gradually corrode the inside of the tank, which causes the cracking. The best way to prevent possible cracking is to replace the water heater with a new one about every ten to fifteen years. Browse online for more information about the life span of new energy efficient water heaters and to learn more about the typical life span of an average size water heater.

Not having enough hot water or no hot water are also common problems. In some situations, this may be due to the temperature not being set high enough. However, in many situations, no hot water may be due to the pilot light not being lit. It is important to contact a plumbing contractor to inspect the water heater before lighting the pilot light, in case there is a problem that has extinguished the pilot light. In some situations mineral deposits build up inside of the tank which decreases the amount of hot water being produced. If this is the problem a plumber should be contacted in order to properly flush the water heater tank. Click here to know more.