Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Prehung Doors

The concept of prehung doors is really about simplicity of installation. When you buy a pre-hung door it can come one of two ways. A true pre-hung door for the exterior of the home will come completely ready to install with the door in the frame so it just slides into the existing opening.

This ensures the door is transported correctly and, if there are transom and sidelight components, they will also be ready to install with the door. With interior doors the frame and the door are apart when shipped and are easily put together for installation.

Installing prehung doors is not at all difficult if you have experience and at least one strong helper. However, with a custom made door or a large exterior door, hiring a carpenter is always the best option, especially with a custom made door or an expensive type of door.

Know your Door Swing

The door swing refers to how the door opens. Doors either open from the left to the right or from the right to the left. If you are buying prehung doors for an existing entranceway and you have a preference, be sure to double check you are selecting a right or left-hand swing.

Measure and Trim

Always measure the exact opening you require for prehung doors. When removing the existing door be sure to trim away any drywall or siding extending into the area of the existing opening. This material can impact how the door sits in the opening and can create problems with having a level door.

Level Check Every Move

While prehung doors may come in a frame and perfectly square, there is no guarantee your floor or rough opening is perfectly level and perfectly square. Before the door is put in the opening, it is critical to ensure everything is level and all shims are in place.

When shims are added or moved, both prior to and with the installation of prehung doors, always check the level of all sides of the door before permanently attaching the frame to the opening. Make sure to check that the door opens easily and closes without dragging, catching or swinging open or closed on its own.

Once prehung doors are level and shims are in place, the door can be permanently attached. Just remember it is critical for everything to stay level and square throughout the process so you have a door that opens, closes and seals properly.

Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. sells all exterior prehung doors ready to install. Interior doors are broken down for ease of transport and protection in transit. To learn more visit us at www.nicksbuilding.com. You can also visit our Twitter page for more information.

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